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Featured Agricultural Products: Why Hidden in Deep Mountains

人气: Article Source: Fulongshanzhen Popularity: Issuing time: 2008-12-16 14:07:21

The city has abundant mountain forest resources, with many varieties of agricultural products and high quality. Taking edible fungi as an example, as early as the 1950s, Fangxian's black fungus, mushrooms and other products became famous throughout the country. It can be said that the production of black fungus and shiitake mushrooms in the city has unique natural conditions and has great potential for the development of edible fungus industry. However, the reporter learned from relevant departments that for five consecutive years, the export of agricultural products in our city has grown slowly, which is not proportional to the advantages of resources——

Reporter monina

The reporter recently learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that mechanical and electrical, chemical (tire), and agricultural products have been the three main products exported by the city, and their proportions in the export product structure were 73%, 14%, and 7%, respectively. According to statistics, from January to October this year, the export of mechanical and electrical products and chemical products in the city increased by 300% and 150% compared with the same period of last year. Profits have also fallen sharply.

Export of agricultural products is not proportional to advantageous resources

According to Wang Chunhui, Export Division of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, there are many advantageous resources for agricultural products in our city, but the export volume has been small, and some products have even shrunk, and the resource advantages have not been brought into full play. Taking edible fungi as an example, the production of black fungus and shiitake mushrooms in our city has unique natural conditions, and the potential for the development of edible fungus industry is huge, but the export value has not increased significantly in recent years. According to the current statistical data, the city's agricultural exports this year were more than 10 million US dollars, of which the export value of shiitake mushrooms and fungus was between 7 and 8 million US dollars. Compared with the same period, the export increased by 15%. Suizhou, which has similar resource conditions as our city, exported US $ 95.06 million in agricultural products in 2007, of which US $ 90.46 million was exported from a single species of shiitake mushrooms, which is in stark contrast to the export volume of our city.

The quality of agricultural products is hidden in the mountains

So, with the same resource advantages, why has our agricultural product export been in a downturn?

Recently, the reporter saw in several local specialty squares in the urban area that most of the local products are bulk products. The merchants can pack the customers according to their requirements, and most of the packaging bags are labeled "Fangxian mushrooms, fungus" or "Shennongjia mushrooms, fungus", etc. As for which company produced it, what brand? The merchants do not know. The reporter couldn't help remembering that during the third World Traditional Wushu Festival, a foreign tourist asked a question while visiting the specialty square: "How can I find the brand of Shiyan specialty agricultural products?"

The reporter learned from the Export Section of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that agricultural exports must first have a certain popularity in the country. Although our city has the advantages of special agricultural resources, there are fewer branded agricultural products, and even some high-quality agricultural products ca n’t do without their own brands. Provide primary raw materials for others. Take edible fungi products as an example. At present, the export value of shiitake mushrooms and fungus in our city is between 7 million and 8 million U.S. dollars, but the three brands of Fangxian Juda, Fulongshanzhen and Wudangshanzhen are mainly exported, while Fulongshanzhen And Wudangshan Zhen are the only two local brands of shiitake mushrooms and fungus in our city, and there are fewer well-known brands, which is one of the reasons for the small export of specialty agricultural products in our city. Secondly, in recent years, the food export inspection standards of some countries have improved. Many agricultural products have been stuck in the country because they fail to meet the national export inspection standards in planting. At present, most agricultural export enterprises in our city are still staying on primary processed products. The product's ability to resist risks is poor, and the added value is not high. For example, due to the increase in raw material prices, increased transportation costs, and rising wages of workers this year, corporate costs have increased, and profits have decreased. Especially this year, the rapid appreciation of the yuan against the US dollar has reduced the profit margin of agricultural export companies by nearly 12%. For agricultural product export enterprises, their poor ability to negotiate externally and lack of export talents are also an important reason for restricting the export of agricultural products in our city.

Agricultural industrialization provides a way out for agricultural products export

The reporter learned in the Municipal Agriculture Bureau that “Fulongshanzhen”, which accounts for a large proportion of the city ’s agricultural products exports, established a green food base of 20,000 acres in 2002 in Hualoumen Village, Tucheng Town, Fang County. + Farmer ", the company entrusted the Fangxian Agriculture Bureau to provide technical support, and signed an agreement with the village to carry out standardized planting. The village is responsible for collecting agricultural products so that the products meet export standards from the source. They are the first enterprises in our city to establish food industry supervision. This model not only guarantees the company's supply of goods, but also establishes a base for product exports, and provides farmers with sales channels.

Wang Chunhui, Export Section of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, told reporters that enterprises such as "Fulongshanzhen" provide us with a very good agricultural product export model. That is to take advantage of our city's resource advantages, establish an export agricultural product production base that is guided by international market demand and based on our city's advantageous agricultural resources, further expand the export scale of agricultural products, and promote agricultural industrialization.

Wang Chunhui believes that agricultural product export enterprises should first make their own brands in the country, gain popularity, register their own trademarks in foreign markets as much as possible, increase the number of export talents, and open channels for export. Increase the scientific and technological content of products as much as possible, and carry out deep processing of agricultural products. This will not only form a longer production chain of products, but also increase the added value of products. For example, under the financial crisis, food additives such as konjac gum and some pharmaceutical products, which have still increased by 100% this year, are processed from agricultural products as raw materials. They are high-tech products. In terms of fungus, these types of agricultural product deep-processing products have strong anti-risk capabilities and high added value.

Du Mingyi, the Agricultural Industrialization Section of the Municipal Agricultural Bureau, told reporters that in March this year, the Office of the Municipal Party Committee in the [2008] No. 1 document issued a clear request for accelerating agricultural industrialization and promoting agricultural development. The advantageous resources are concentrated in the advantageous industries, and the advantageous industrial belts with distinctive characteristics of Shiyan Mountain District will be constructed. Adhere to the “three matchings” of industry, facilities, and technology, the “three coordinations” of bases, enterprises, and markets, and the “three coordinations” of characteristics, economy, and ecology, and refine the plan to townships (towns), villages, and households to guide industrial development. At the same time, actively introduce well-known overseas enterprises and strategic investors to invest and build factories in our city, develop industries, set up various leading enterprises such as processing and distribution, support local enterprises to go global, and "marry" with large overseas enterprises; vigorously develop agricultural and sideline soil Special products are processed in depth to cultivate new growth points in the rural economy; vigorously develop pollution-free foods, green foods, and organic foods, and strive to add more than 20 green and organic foods in the city, and encourage enterprises to strive for the creation of well-known brands and well-known trademarks in the province and the country; Strengthen the construction of agricultural standardization bases, promote the existing 11 provincial and municipal agricultural standards, and strive to develop a new industry standardization base of 100,000 mu.

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