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Participate in the Canton Fair to negotiate with foreign customers
Attend the Canton Fair to negotiate with foreign customers ...
Fulong Shanzhen Attends the Trade Fair
Fulong Shanzhen participated in the trade fair ...
Fulong Shanzhen leads the inspection base construction
Fulong Shanzhen leads inspection base construction ...
In 2009, the city's business and economic highlights are frequent.
In 2009, Shiyan's business and economy faced the impact and challenges of the global financial crisis, using two international and domestic markets and two resources, highlighting the characteristics of Shiyan, leveraging Checheng's advantages, and promptly and decisively proposing a series of action plans, through vigorous advancement and implementation. ..
Featured Agricultural Products: Why Hidden in Deep Mountains
The city has abundant mountain forest resources, with many varieties of agricultural products and high quality. Taking edible fungi as an example, as early as the 1950s, Fangxian's black fungus, mushrooms and other products became famous throughout the country. It can be said that the city's black fungus and mushroom production are unique ...
The 10th China Food Fair
On the 12th, at the 10th China Food Expo opened in Wuhan, the Fulongshanzhen series of wild wild vegetables, represented by Shiyan Shanliren Green Food Co., Ltd., were loved by Wuhan people. Mushrooms, fungus ...