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How long can fungus be inedible

人气: Article Source: Fulongshanzhen Popularity: Issuing time: 2018-07-15 15:48:47

The fungus itself is non-toxic, but after a long period of time, it may deteriorate to produce biotoxins or breed pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Above 20 C, especially in summer, the fungus deteriorates very quickly. When the foaming time exceeds 8 hours, the amount of bacteria caused by the deterioration will reach several times to dozens of times, and toxins may be generated.

If the fungus is bubbled for a long time, it will breed bacteria, make the fungus appear to deteriorate, and also produce toxins, which will endanger the health of the body. After a long time, the fungus will be softer, and its taste will be reduced. Edible.
How to avoid:
1. Prefer dry fungus and dry white fungus: Because of the lack of water, the dry fungus and white fungus are not easy to multiply and the shelf life is long. Fresh fungus and fresh white fungus are much more dangerous and can have imperceptible deterioration, so it is recommended to buy dry fungus or white fungus.
2. The time of foaming fungus and white fungus should not be too long: the time of foaming is too long to give bacteria a chance to multiply, so in general, it is best not to foam the fungus for more than a few hours at room temperature
3. Foaming in a refrigerated environment requires frequent water changes: It is best to foam in a refrigerated, low-temperature environment to inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria. Change water when foaming to reduce the possibility of toxin accumulation. When you smell it, it smells wrong Agaric, firmly thrown away.
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