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Fulongshan Green Food: teach you how to grow shiitake mushrooms at home

人气: Article Source: Fulongshanzhen Popularity: Issuing time: 2018-08-20 15:42:14
1. Decide which type of mushroom you want to grow. The three easiest mushrooms to grow are oyster mushrooms, white mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms. The various mushroom cultivation methods are similar, but the ideal cultivation medium is different.
Pleurotus ostreatus is most suitable for growing in wheat straw; shiitake mushrooms grow best in wood sawdust; white mushrooms like mixed compost. These different growing media reflect the nutrients required by different varieties. However, all three mushrooms grow easily in sawdust or wheat straw.
Choosing which mushroom to grow is just a matter of taste. You should grow the variety you want most.
2. Buy mushroom packs. Mushroom bag is sawdust containing mushroom hypha. Mycelium is essentially the root structure of a fungus. It can be used as a seedling of a plant to facilitate plant growth. Make sure you buy mycelium instead of spores. Some sellers also sell spores, which are more like plant seeds (rather than seedlings). Growing mushrooms from spores requires more time and energy and is more suitable for skilled mushroom growers.
3. Disinfect the growth medium. If you grow mushrooms in straw or sawdust, it is necessary to disinfect the medium before inoculating the mycelium. This can kill any microorganisms that compete with the hypha.
To disinfect the growth medium, place it in a microwave safe bowl and add enough water to soak the straw or sawdust. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it for two minutes at high temperature, or let the water boil.
This can kill a variety of microorganisms and make the growing environment safe enough to inoculate mushroom mycelium. You may need to disinfect all the straw and sawdust in batches.
4. Heat the growth medium and scatter mycelium inside. The mycelium in the mushroom bag needs to be thoroughly spread in the growth medium to grow mushrooms. A warm environment can promote growth.
After choosing a suitable growth medium for the mushroom variety, place a few in a baking dish. A shallow surface plate with a large surface area provides the most growth space for mushrooms.
Use your fingers to mix the bacteria pack into the growth medium. Place the baking sheet on a hot plate and set the temperature to 21 C. This is the ideal temperature to promote growth.
Leave the mixture in a dark place for about three weeks, such as in a cabinet. This allows the mushroom mycelium to spread in the growth medium.
5. Place the growth medium in a suitable environment. After three weeks, you should leave the tray in a cool, dark (13 C) environment. The basement is the most ideal environment, but in winter it is also possible to keep the cabinets or drawers in the room unheated.
The growing medium is covered with a pot of potting soil, and the entire mixture is thoroughly wet with water. If you want, put a wet towel on the tray to prevent water loss.
When the mushrooms are growing, the mixture should be kept in a moist and cool environment, checked regularly, and sprinkled with water if necessary.
6. Mushrooms are fully grown and harvested. After about three weeks, you should see small mushrooms appear. Continue to maintain a moist, cool and dark environment to promote growth.
When the mushroom cap is completely separated from the stem, it is ready to be harvested. You can pick the mushrooms off with your fingers, but this could endanger new fungi growing beneath the surface. Instead, use a sharp knife to cut the mushrooms from the bottom of the stem.
Wash mushrooms before cooking or eating. You can store the harvested mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator for up to a week.
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