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Fulongshanzhen: small mushrooms break into the international market

人气: Article Source: Fulongshanzhen Popularity: Issuing time: 2018-03-25 17:37:44

This is the sorting workshop of Hubei Fulongshan Green Food Co., Ltd. Now the workers are sorting the legs of shiitake mushrooms that are discarded in ordinary families. After processing here, they will be exported to Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand and Malaysia. Become a gourmet on their table.

Under the skill of the workers, the cut shiitake mushroom legs were selected again, and three different grades were classified and exported overseas by sea.

Shen Xianbin, General Manager of Shiyan Fulongshan Food Development Co., Ltd .: First-level snack foods, second-level vegetarian foods, and third-level food ingredients.

Seize the national "Belt and Road" development strategy and platform opportunities such as the Canton Fair and the International Sugar and Liquor Fair. Fulongshanzhen strives to open up overseas markets. This year, while establishing itself in the traditional markets of Southeast Asia, it has newly developed the Nordic market.

Shen Xianbin, General Manager of Shiyan Fulongshan Food Development Co., Ltd .: We now export to France, Sweden, Austria and other countries. The prices they sell are better than ours including those in Southeast Asia.

So far this year, the company has sent eleven containers to the Nordic market, and has to rush orders for five containers, with a total export of 2 million US dollars. Focusing on the production of shiitake mushrooms, fungus and shiitake mushroom legs, this year's Fulongshanzhen series products will be exported to more than 20 countries, and it is estimated that the export will reach 7 million US dollars.

Seize the opportunity to allow small mushrooms to enter the international large market; agricultural product processing enterprises in our city also expand the domestic market by developing new products.

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